sexta-feira, 26 de julho de 2013

The Brain: The Big Boss

  • The brain records the emotions that most deeply affect our lives (typically unpleasant ones, e.g. sadness, regret, and fear). Because of this, the brain plays an important role in manifesting depressive symptoms.
  • Blackouts - When emotion or pain overwhelms us, when it becomes intolerable, the emotional brain shuts off. No more pain, no more emotion, no more agitation.
  • When a stress situation occurs the brain consciously or unconsciously gets a message. The brain reacts by sending nervous, chemical, and hormonal messages to the body. Sometimes the muscles are affected (trembling), but the organs are the main target. Visceral memorization begins: the organ's cells record the nervous, chemical, and hormonal messages and send them back to the brain, immediately or later. These messages reinforce the emotional imbalance in the brain.

Physical Care

Breath deeply, be active, practice mental exercises (crossword puzzles, memorize, count), go to the theather, to the movies, join an association, most of all live a life connected with others.

Nuritional Care

The brain is greatest sugar consumer in our body; feed it with healthy dose of complex carbohydrates daily

Psychological Care

Yoga, relaxation, and positive thinking. Learn to tame one's emotions without blocking or diverting them.

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